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What is Twee Style? Trends that Modernize the Tumblr Era Look

Fashion is a time when what’s old is new again. This saying is probably something you’ve heard before. It certainly applies to TikTok’s now-viral-again, twee aesthetic.

This look combined basic preppy principles (ballets, anyone? Retro-inspired details like cat-eye shades, funky patterns and staples such as Oxford heels and Peter Pan collars are incorporated with hipster-fied elements like Oxford heels and Peter Pan collars.

Many celebrities have embraced the twee aesthetic and continue to do so. Example: Taylor Swift, in her Talk Now and Yelloweras (circa 2010, 2012), and most importantly, Zooey Deschanel. The new girl and the 500 Days of Summer star- who is also half of the indie band She & Him- has long been a twee icon with her frilly dresses, tights and skirts, and signature blunt bangs. Deschanel posted a collage of her most twee look while lip-syncing her She & Him song “Why Do You Allow Me Stay Here?”. This was her first trending style since it became more popular. She playfully thanked TikTok and said “teaching” her what twee meant. Hundreds, if not thousands, of other TikTokers, such as Steffy Degraff (influencer and content creator), shared their favourite twee memories.

The Peter Pan Collar

Layering is easy with detachable Peter Pan collars like Lele Sadoughi. You can choose a mini or flowy blouse if you prefer your collars to be attached.

Statement tights

These Sheertex polka-dot tights are playful and go well with any skirt, dress or high-waisted pants. Even better? You can find them in sizes XS through 3X. You can choose an all-over pattern like Calzedonia’s art-deco-inspired Calzedonia or flowers if you don’t consider polka dots neutral.

Plaid Dresses

A plaid dress with a fitted and flare silhouette is a great way to show your twee style. You can modernize the look by adding colour blocking, puff sleeves or a new silhouette.

Blouses with puff sleeves

The triple P of twee combines plaid, polka dots and puff sleeves. Mix and match the styles by pairing the blouse with a plaid puff sleeves blouse or a mini in pleated.

Cheery Headbands

An attractive accessory is a bold headband. Headbands are back in various ways (cottagecore and with the return of Gossip Girl), so you will want this accessory.

Flats of Classic Beauty

These flats by Rothy’s offer a modern, sustainable, and comfortable take on a timeless classic. Ballet flats can feel a bit outdated, but you can give them another chance by giving them a new texture and silhouette.

Crossbody bags

You’ll look polished and well-put together in no time with this signature leather satchel. A colourful or textured crossbody might be a good choice if you have outgrown the traditional twee satchel.

Pleated Mini Skirts

Back in Tumblr’s days, short, pleated mini-skirts were very popular. Although heavily pleated skirts are fashionable, try something more layerable and flowing.

Daniel S. Williams

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