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Unexpected ways to wear a unitard

The versatility of the jumpsuit is a blessing. The many combinations combined with the jumpsuit make it a winner in nearly every wardrobe is not surprising. It’s worth noting its athleisure cousin, the unitard. The unitard is a modern version of the 80s aerobic staple. Wear One’s At. The brand was founded in 2019 and is dedicated to supporting a healthy lifestyle that encourages physical activity. It’s a win-win situation.

What makes this unitard special? The material is lined, so you are supported and not too athletic. It’s also not shiny. You can wear this piece to the gym if you intend on it. The real showplace is where this outfit shines. Layering is becoming more popular as winter approaches.

Layer it up

Let’s get to the point: This unitard doubles as a great bodysuit. You can pair it with pants (but avoid cropped lengths) and get a fresh night-out look from pilates. The unitard’s low back feels elegant. The look looks great with a pair of charming patent heels and a fun bag. You can finish the look by adding a handmade pearl necklace to complete it.

Wear as pants

Another interesting fact is that the unitard doubles up as a pair of great leggings. Pair it with any blouse you would pair with tight black trousers. This outfit is best if you stick to cropped or oversized silhouettes. Anything in the middle can be uncomfortable. Tall boots will give this unitard a formal feel. Add fun earrings, a large coat and a wide collar shirt to complete the look. You won’t find a more comfortable outfit when you go to family holiday events.

Add a Blazer

Pair the look with a blazer to channel the 80s’ glory days of the unitard. You don’t need to be too heavy or boxy on your shoulder pads. You can keep your silhouette slimmer by choosing a more fitted blazer like this one from Into the Night. Sunglasses with a personalized nameplate add an extra touch of decadence. The look is completed with a lime green bag, which friends won’t believe was created using an athleisure staple.

Get Sporty!

Are you looking to do a unitard workout? Fine. Here’s how it works. Think big, pushed-down socks for the frigid walk home from the gym. Add unapologetically comfortable shoes for dad. Even if you only take a short walk, the comfort is worth it. If you are outdoors, consider a long-sleeve shirt to replace the unitard. If it isn’t as cold as you thought, double up on a crewneck sweatshirt that you can easily tie around your shoulders. Add a baseball cap to complete the look.

Boots are the best option.

This unitard is your secret weapon for wearing the boots over the knee you purchased at Barney’s sample sales in undergrad. A black zip-up sweater and trendy necklace will keep the rest of your look simple. The Theory puffer vest is the perfect layer. The warmth that the unitard provides without bulk is another benefit. Dooz offers this teal bag to keep the look from being too “all black everything”.

Daniel S. Williams

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