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These Bridal Fashion Trends Are Expected To Dominate

The wedding season is rapidly approaching! Most brides would rather say “I do” in the springtime, surrounded by the beautiful colors of spring and the warmth of the sun’s rays. We’ve been stuck in a rut almost since. The bridal trends for are unique and a statement-making sight! Let’s now discuss the Bridal Fashion Trends!


Brides, it is time to have your wedding photographer ready for all the fashionable moments at your wedding. This year, the brides are not satisfied with just one look. What does this mean? Layers are here! Layers will be a popular choice for brides in to create multiple, unique looks at their wedding. Many brides opt for a full-length gown with a blazer-like lace jacket or wrap over their flowing bridal gown. The brides’ chic ceremony look is glamorous and stunning. The layered trend shines when it comes to the reception. Brides take off their wraps and blazer-like, lace jackets as well as extra skirting to expose a less layered version of their gown for the reception. So, same dress, different evolution. The concept of a layered bridal look is ready to challenge the traditional wedding dress traditions. This is also bringing with them a variety of new bridal shapes for more high fashion wedding looks. Two different wedding styles mean that there are many photos to showcase after the event.


As we become more open to ethical fashion, sustainability is a major factor in many of the purchases. Fast fashion and fur are gone. This has also been reflected in our bridal trends. We are looking for sustainable bridal brands. We want brands that aren’t just ethical, although anyone can claim it. We want brands that can actually deliver high-quality, luxurious and sustainable pieces. We are seeing dresses made from organic cotton, canvas and other high-quality, recycled materials. To make your dress more sustainable, consider donating it to another bride.

More Coverage

Contrary to past trends, formal, higher necklines and covering pieces are now in. We may be ready for more formal pieces, having spent so much of the past few years in casual wear. We want formal pieces with chic turtlenecks and interesting necklines to counter the low-rise, traditional cuts. Long sleeves are preferred for bridal looks. This year, many brides experiment with wearing blazer-like jackets under their wedding gowns. In the brides will be wearing pieces that provide more coverage and are more challenging traditional cuts.

More Color

While we all love the traditional white wedding dress, the current trends are encouraging change and challenging the status quo. This includes the world of colors! You can add small touches of color to your wedding look, but not just “something blue”. You’re in for cute white pieces that feature pastel or light-colored florals and dots. You can choose a traditional white dress with some small, colorful details. You can make your wedding look more interesting by adding color to your look. If you are planning your wedding in consider these new trends for bridal fashion to make an impact and stand out.

Daniel S. Williams

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