• "I have been waiting on something like Loader for a long time. What a pain it used to be - importing music from iTunes to Final Cut Pro... And now, drag and drop, perfect. Plus you will never erase songs by accident anymore as Loader copies them to an separate file."

    Philipp Hampl

  • "Great products, great company... and all with the personal touch. I have bought quite a few Digital Heaven plug-ins as well as Multicam Lite and love them to bits! I'm never too far from a visit to their site to see what's cooking."

    Matt McArdle
    Contraband Candy

  • "Loader has become my new best friend, and Digital Heaven is always quick to respond when questions arise. Keep up the great work!"

    David Jolosky
    David Jolosky Visual Communications

  • "Honestly, seriously the best 10 bucks I have ever spent. I struggled for years with FCP thinking all the pausing and carry-on was normal. 60 seconds after installing Disksomnia I had huge regrets, huge regrets that I hadn't heard of it much earlier! It has made my edit workflow, for the first time in years, seamless. Great job Digital Heaven!"

  • "The plug-in is fantastic - it took 5 mins to learn how to use and within 15 mins of re-rendering ALL of the dead pixel evidence was gone. Simply brilliant - I can't thank you enough."

    Toby Cross

  • "I love using Final Print. Working with an editing team, I often use Final Print to go over the next round of edits. Rather than having to sit in front of the editing deck and go over things frame by frame, I set the markers and take advantage of the illustrated set of edit points. We can even mark up the page further after we print it out. Thanks for increasing the efficiency of our teamwork."

    Sanford Lewis
    Producer, Strategic Video

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