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Sustainable Fashion Tips You Can Follow in 2023

vintage clothes and second-hand products are available

Last year, I decided only to buy pre-owned and vintage clothes. Two reasons prompted me to do this. First, I wanted to reduce my environmental impact and embrace sustainability in my wardrobe. Second, I discovered I could find more unique pieces to spice up the cabinet.

The best thing about vintage browsing? Many shops are selling pre-loved items all over the place, including on the internet. If you still need to become a part of the vintage trend, get on board and start your hunt.

Vintage shopping is my favorite thing. You never know what unique and rare items you will find. It’s like treasure hunting. Sometimes you are lucky, sometimes not.

However, clothing with a story and uniqueness is more appealing than mass-produced products.

Choose sustainable fashion materials

Now that we know where and how to shop let us look at the types of materials we should be looking for.

You must also look at the negative aspects of materials if you want to determine which ones are sustainable. I prefer to see the opposing first and then the excellent news second. This allows me to move forward in a positive mood. Let’s get it. I’m sorry if you are a fan of tight leather pants or big furs.

Leather and fur are not sustainable materials. In fact, the reverse is true. High-end and luxury brands alike are reducing the use of fur and leather in their collections. This is because it is harmful to the environment and violates animal rights.

But I promised you good information, and I stand behind my word. Sustainable fashion companies are exploring new materials that are more sustainable. This includes finding new materials and recycling existing resources.

Use organic materials

You can ensure that the clothes you choose have as little effect on the environment as possible by choosing organic and natural fabrics.

Fashion industry has made sustainable and GOT-certified cotton a mainstay. Evey appears to be using organic cotton which is great. Cotton must be grown according to organic agricultural standards in order to be considered organic.

Transparency in fashion refers to whether brands will tell you where, how, and who made them. These factors should be considered when you look at a brand’s policy or website. You want to choose the brand that actually tells you the factory information and the journey of its products.

You and the environment will both benefit from knowing where products come from, how they were made, and who made them. You can then choose a brand that you believe is making a difference and reward them by buying.

  • Invest in quality, not quantity

You can take a quick fashion break. Instead of spending your money on 10 low-quality clothes and jumping on the fast fashion train each season, invest in a few high-quality pieces.

You might have a bag or jacket you’ve been wanting for a while but don’t have the budget. Have you ever thought about how much impulse shopping costs? It’s not uncommon to be unaware of how much we spend on impulse shopping, whether we purchase a 15$ tee here or a 20$ sweater here.

Make sure to repair your shoes and clothes

You are probably thinking: Can I repair my clothes? It is cheaper and easier to buy new clothes than to repair an old one.

It’s not cheap to buy new clothes every season. Don’t worry about your lack of sewing skills – YouTube is your best friend.

Swap clothes with friends

Invite your friends to participate in the “let’s make it more sustainable” initiative by organizing a clothing swap day. This is a great idea in many ways. This is a great way to get rid of your clothes and to swap with your friends.

This is something I’ve done with friends many times. It’s always so much fun, especially when you get to go back to all the memories that are often etched in the clothes.

Daniel S. Williams

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