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Revealed: 7 Secrets to those Breathtaking Bridal Hairs

Do you wish to make a unique statement as a bride on your much awaited wedding day? How about your guests appreciating your hair just as much as they like your outfit? Sounds amazing, isn’t it? You can also make it a reality with these 7 secrets for perfect bridal hair. 

  1. Choosing the Hairstyle Carefully: You might have already liked a lot of Pinterest images and taken screenshots of beautiful hairstyles. But to choose a hairstyle that is perfect for you, you must consider a few factors. For instance, you should see whether your hair type is actually suitable for the hairstyle. If not then it is best to search the hairstyles that will be perfect for your hair texture. Pick a hairdo that goes with your straight/ wavy/ curly hair. Moreover, when choosing a hairstyle make it a point that it compliments your dress and doesn’t compete it. Let’s say you are going with a sequined dress that shimmers. In this case, your hairstyle should rather be simple and elegant. Even bridal hair Sydney experts recommend to always see how the hairstyle will look with your dress and then finalize it. 
  2. Get a Trial before the Wedding: Every bride thinks of getting a trial ahead of the wedding but hey did you actually schedule it yet? If not then you are probably going to get shocking surprises on the D day. No matter how much you obsess over a hairstyle you will not really know how it looks until you try it out. Is your hair too short to pull off the look? Does it look good on your face shape? You will never really know it unless you try the hairstyle. And why should you get the unpleasant surprise or panic about it when you can just try it all out with your outfit before the wedding!
  3. Veil or No Veil? This is an important decision which you would have to make while picking the hairstyle. It so happens that wearing a veil can really bring down those soft waves that you have been dreaming about. So in case, you do have to put the veil on making sure that you go with a rather sturdy hairstyle. Maybe a low bun with pretty hair accessory will help. 
  4. Factor in the Weather: So you want to go with loose and wavy hair look. But what if the weather outside is too hot or humid? Your hair will get all sweaty and it will start sticking at the back. This is why you must consider the weather also while deciding the hairstyle. If it is a beach wedding then go for updos that will just stay intact throughout the ceremony. 
  5. Avoid Getting a Haircut Right before the Wedding: The hair experts always advice to not do anything too major with your hair right before the big day! It could be getting a haircut that might not really match with your hairstyle goals. It could also be applying hair dye just a week before. Remember that cutting the hair too much will hinder your ideal hairstyle. However, if you do make that mistake then hair extensions can always come to the rescue. Make sure that you buy them in advance so as to get the perfect voluminous hair that you want. 
  6. Be yourself Instead of Trying to Follow the Trend: Have you driven yourself crazy trying to look good in those trending hairstyles from Instagram? It can be stressful to try and sport the looks which just won’t look at you. Even if you try and wear the hairstyle, you might not feel comfortable. Beauty is all about being yourself and if you think wearing a simple hairstyle is good enough then go for it!
  7. Prep an Emergency Wedding Hair Kit: Like several other things in a wedding, a hairstyle too can go wrong! But sadly enough, you don’t always have a hairstylist around the corner to help you. This is exactly why we suggest packing a kit having travel sized products just for your special day. It could include things like setting spray, hair accessories and serum. 

With these tips, you are sure to rock your wedding hairstyle! Bonus points if you can keep the hair in their best condition right before the special day. Start a proper hair care routine at least six weeks before the wedding to get the results. 

Daniel S. Williams

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