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Importance Of Keeping Your Skin Moisturized

The requirement

Some wise people have said that maturity comes with age. Well, do you fully agree with this when it comes to something that is associated with your dearest organ – the skin? Okay, now here, you do not even have to be physically ‘old’ to go through wrinkled or drier skins. Dry skin does mean that there is no adequate amount or almost lost moisture that characterizes by flaking and itching. It might be due to the weather condition such as freezing air and low humidity, the changes in hormones or any medications prescribed to elder women. For young women, premature skin aging might be because of their diet pattern, over exposure to the sunrays, and even over-inspired facial expressions!!!

Researches show that cyclic, substantial weight loss and/or gain (also popular as “yo-yo” diet) can certainly stretch the skin. This would cause it losing its elasticity and makes it more vulnerable to get wrinkled and sagged. Sunrays on the other hand, take the skin to the chances of getting skin cancer because of the ultraviolet rays (UV rays) that would penetrate underneath the skin’s surface.

Moisturisers – as an option

Many health and beauty experts also reveal that skin possesses the “memory” that means that if it is constantly and repeatedly folded in the way of muscle contractions, permanent cords or creases will finally form. So if you keep on scowling most of the time, there would be more tension and finally the sufferers are nothing but your facial muscles.

Moisturisers are very important in order that maintaining good looking skin and without moisturisers the skin becomes dry and flaky and might peel sometimes. The role of such moisturizer comes here only. Such products help keeping the skin hydrated and defend it against harmful outside influences like the sunrays and winter or chilled weather conditions that significantly change the texture and structure of the skin. Moisturisers do not inevitably replace moisture to the area they have been applied, what their role is just to keep the skin in a natural moist condition and protecting from evaporation by building a barrier between the skin and the outer atmosphere and they temporarily seal the water into the skin that gives it a smoother and velvety soft appearance.

There are plenty of moisturisers readily available in the market and to choose the right one is quite essential to get the desired results since if you are trapped with wrong kind of moisturiser, it could be hazardous and cause problems to the skin. Also, it must be noted that using excessive moisturizers can result in harm. The skin moisturizers are guessed to protect the dermal layers from dryness by retaining moisture deep into the dermal cells that makes the skin tissue plumping and swelling the skin with water. Just an attention that one must keep in mind while applying moisturizer to the skin is one must, always, do this when the skin is damp preferably just after having bath or when the face was washed since damp skin inclines to get seal the water inside.

The selection

There are many kinds of skin moisturizers for the different types of skin available in cosmetic industry; like there are products for oily, dry, normal and even for combination type of skins. The products are to be chosen depending on the skin type. Moisturizer for too much oily skin might ruin up the case and hence, it is always advisable to contact beautician before adopting any sort of beauty therapy for your skin since if it goes wrong, skin is the ugliest organ to have the disease.

Though moisturizers are considered to be the best way to provide lubrication to the skin, they alone cannot help the skin looking smoother and youthful. To have beautiful skin, one should have to use such products in conjunction with an appropriate diet plan and by consuming plenty of water. Proper exercises also play significant role in keeping health in optimum class. One also needs to nurture the body internally in order that the results we get are in short time though excellent. Dieticians often favor taking lots of fruits and vegetables since they contain essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

An ideal moisturiser would be a non-comedogenic, not greasy or gluey and should not be irritating to any part of the body. The formula that contains natural herbs or components is always preferred. Skin moisturisers are the best defense-force versus ugly laugh-line and creases that might make one look older than what exactly the age they are running through.

Daniel S. Williams

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