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How To Grow Eyebrows Thicker

Growing back your eyebrows can be frustrating, especially if it wasn’t your original intention to thin it out to the point where it becomes non-existent. The fact is that some women – especially those who are doing it for the first time – will find themselves going crazy with the tweezers. When this happens, the amount of hair on eyebrow can decrease drastically, causing a dent in the female’s self esteem. The good news is that there are lots of methods available to get your eyebrows right again. For those who want to find out how to grow back eyebrows, following are some tips on how this can be done.

Massage The Eyebrows

One of the best ways to speed up eyebrow growth is by stimulating blood flow in the area. This is the same logic used for speeding up hair growth on the head. Basically, all you need to do is routinely massage the specific body part to ensure that the blood is generously moving through the system. With this, the follicles would be getting more of the materials distributed by blood, allowing fast hair growth.

Stop Plucking

If you intend to have the eyebrows grow back, then immediately stop plucking the hair that is still attached. Plucking would stress out the area, making it harder for the new hair to grow out. You can try to shape it again but that’s not really advisable. Instead, you should learn the value of patience and simply wait for the hair to grow back.

Be Healthy

Obviously, health is a major factor when trying to re-grow your eyebrows. You need to make sure that the body is getting enough vitamins and minerals to boost the development of all body parts. Fresh fruits and vegetables are best.

Use Commercial Products

There are also products today that promise to aid individuals into growing their eyebrow hair. These hair solutions are typically in cream or liquid form, allowing you to slowly dab the item on the bare area. For those who want to try out commercial products, it is advisable that you first read reviews about any item before deciding to make a purchase. Instructions for the use of the product may vary depending on the brand so make sure to follow instructions to the letter.

Temporary Solution For Eyebrows Problem

It’s completely possible to grow your eyebrows back, but do you know that this could take as much as 8 weeks to do? This is why as much as possible, women should preserve the thickness of their eyebrows. Should the problem still occur however, there are always eyebrow pencils that could do the job temporarily. Simply choose a brand that carries a color that would complement your features. Keep in mind that eyebrows thinning out are not always a direct result of over-tweezing. If the hair suddenly displays problems, there’s a chance that it is caused by an illness or perhaps a new product that you are using. Try to figure out exactly what this might be and immediately stop using the item. A quick visit to the doctor would also help you to find out what the core problem is.

Daniel S. Williams

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