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How to Care for Sensitive Skin


A sensitive skin can be defined as a skin that has thin or a fine-texture. Such skin reacts very quickly to both; the heat and cold as well. It is therefore, that this type of skin gets affected by sunburns and windburns quite frequently and easily. The skin is generally dry, delicate and susceptible to get allergic reactions. This is highly irritated by temperature changes, some detergents, cosmetic products and alcohols (used onto the skin as an application). This also leaves the skin red and blotchy and sometimes, along with visible surface-vein.

If you have such type of dry skin, one should use sunscreen lotion or cream. One should choose the product that does not contain potential allergen like fragrance or PABA sunscreen. One should wash the face with mild baby-soap, wash the skin thoroughly and pat the skin dry with a cotton cloth (soft cotton towel); do not use rough towel. It is always advisable that such fellows (with sensitive skin) should never use any makeup or perfume without first trying a little as a test dose. In other words, one should use it on the inside of the wrist to see the reaction of the skin to a particular product since such sensitive skin accepts very few of the makeup kits or products. However, each night, applying some homemade moisturizing creams onto the face before hitting the sack at the night have shown beneficial and favoring results. .

The care for sensitive skin is just more than to choose right sensitive skin care products. When a person with sensitive skin wants some best sensitive skin care, he or she should require an overall approach to provide the best possible care. Sensitive skin, oftentimes, have a low tolerance capacity to certain product or environmental condition. A person with sensitive skin reacts quickly to chemicals, heat and/or wind and immediately develops red, blotchy and irritated skin. However, different people have different degrees of skin sensitivities. Some people might react to one particular ingredient present in the product, while for others such ingredients produce no effects. Likewise, very few people might have a very severe reaction sometimes, may require immediate medical attention, while others only have mild reactions.

General troubles faced by people having sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin come across many troubles. The redness, irritating patches or areas and blotchiness linked with sensitive skins can be very comfortless and embarrassing too. It could be annoying and quite an impossible task to avoid everything that causes sensitive skins to flare up. It becomes then difficult to provide the right sensitive skin care since many skin products will produce unwanted or negative effects.

Dealing with Sensitive Skin

One should opt for natural skin care techniques. This can be very effective way to treat sensitive skins. Natural product is less likely to trigger the reactions that other product might have on sensitive skins. Food Intake and hydration is looked as important factors nourishing the sensitive skin and to provide an immunity to withstand against allergens. The diet plays a big role in sensitive skin break-outs. A balanced diet that contains plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables helps sensitive skin to look healthy and to develop resistance against the triggering factors. People having sensitive skin must pay attention to the routine dietary intake and take a record if any kind of food seems to trigger the sensitive skins’ reaction.

Often times, it is seen that some healthy food can also cause reactions in some sensitive people and hence, one should not discount such things when one looks at possible triggering factors. Hot and spicy food is particularly susceptible to cause negative effects.

Here are few tips to tackle sensitive skin –

One should use almond oil for cleansing the face. Use jojoba oil instead, in case of unavailability of almond oil.

One can take comfrey and use it after steeping in water overnight. This is good tonic.

One can mix grapefruits and oat meals to make a facial exfoliate. Good for sensitive skin.

Use facial mask that is made up of various fruits such as carrots, cucumbers, beets etc.

Cucumbers and yoghurt also make a good facial mask for sensitive skins.

Licorice is a wonderful herb that rejuvenates and provides immunity to sensitive skins. Checkout for the cosmetic products that have licorice. Green tea possesses great anti-inflammatory property that might help prevent sensitive skin reactions. Aloe vera is proven skin rejuvenator. This can also be used for sensitive skin. Take a lotion containing the herb and one can also take this internally.



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