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Fashion Tips for Different Body Shapes

Body shape plays a significant role in choosing suitable clothing and accessories. There are many styles of clothes, including tailored pants, blazers with embellishments, boyfriend jeans, and flared dresses. It is important to remember that not all clothing will suit every body type. Knowing your body to find the best cuts and styles for you is essential. While it is easy to only focus on the “problem areas,” you should consider your entire body when determining your body’s shape. The main rule is to dress to draw attention to your facial features, regardless of body type. Don’t wear anything that you don’t like.

Fashion Dressing Tips For Various Body Shapes:

1. Apple Body Shape: A person with a larger upper body than their lower body is known as an apple body. This body type is known for having broad shoulders and a larger bust, which makes it feel like a weight is gathering around the midriff.

This body type is more weighty than others because most weight and concentration are above the hips. The mid-riff looks heavier than the rest of the body, even though it has a smaller waistline. The idea is to draw attention away from this area and emphasize your strengths. You can show off your legs by wearing a dress with V or deep V necklines to create the illusion of a longer torso.

What are the best dresses for an apple-shaped body?

This type of body is best suited for A-line and Empire cuts. You can choose printed dresses or patterned jackets to help shift the focus. Monochrome, dark colors, 3/4th sleeve dresses, and flowy tops are good options. Flared bottoms, palazzos, and other slender options can help create balance. You should also wear the correct bra, as the shoulders can be more expansive and may already have a larger bustline.

Rectangle Body Shape:

Rectangle body shapes have the unique feature of having equal hips, shoulders, and waist. The rectangle body shape requires that one wear the same size tops and bottoms. It is sometimes called the “athletic” body type. The rectangle body type can be achieved by creating the illusion of a waist.

What should you wear?

Belts around the waist, mid-waisted trousers, or belted jackets can all be great options for this body. You can look more attractive with softer fabrics belted. They can also draw your attention to your “waist.” This body type is excellent for almost any pair of pants. You can choose looser or more form-fitting pants. Sometimes, your curves can be highlighted by wearing pants that are body-conscious. I suggest considering mid-rise jeans as they accentuate your waist better. Also, belts can be added to your jeans to emphasize your waist.

What should you not wear?

Avoid vertical silhouettes for this body, such as a straight jacket and straight trousers. This will leave you with little definition.

Hourglass Body Shape

An hourglass body shape can be defined by equal widths in the hips, shoulders, and waist and a smaller, more defined waist. This body shape requires that you emphasize the core because it is the most slimming.

What should you wear?

Hourglass shapes are more prominent because they have a larger bust. A boat or scoop neck is an excellent option to reduce your chest or be more modest. Avoid turtlenecks and high-neck tops. Instead of wearing inseam pockets, choose pants with angled pockets. They won’t tug on your hips as often, which can cause unflattering lines. This is also possible with pocketless pants. A mini skirt can be a great choice to show off your legs.

What should you not wear?

If you have an hourglass figure, avoid wearing baggy or shapeless clothes. They can make your frame look sloppy and even be a distraction.

Pear Body Form:

This body type is the opposite of an apple. This body type is bottom-heavy or triangle, with around 20% of women having hips significantly more significantly than their busts. This is easily noticed as the lower body, hips, thighs, and sometimes the behind is all more prominent.

What should you wear?

This body type can be dressed by wearing anything that increases the shoulders and bust. Pay attention to your upper body and minimize the lower half. Balance the top and bottom. Tops that emphasize the shoulders should be worn more often. Wear tights or pants that are too narrow for your legs. A bra should be worn that enhances or adds to the bust. Wear straight-leg pants or flared pants with heels. The appearance of an upside-down triangle can be caused by skinny pants that hug your ankles. Flared pants can make the legs appear thicker or bow-legged compared to the upper body.

What to wear?

Avoid skin-fitting tops and halter necklines if you don’t like the look.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape:

Inverted triangles are one of the most athletic body types. The shoulders are more comprehensive than the hips in this example. It is essential to keep the hips defined and to create balance. Straight-cut jeans or dresses with an inverted V-look are best for the body.

What should you wear?

The hips are narrower than the shoulders, so pencil-cut skirts and skinny jeans with any tops will look great. Your upper body doesn’t need much definition or layering. A V-neck line creates the illusion of narrow shoulders.

What to wear?

All the layers, ruffles, and patterns should be kept to the bottom of your body. The upper body should be clean and straightforward. This is a simple rule that can be applied to any project.

Daniel S. Williams

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