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What is Twee Style? Trends that Modernize the Tumblr Era Look

Fashion is a time when what’s old is new again. This saying is probably something you’ve heard before. It certainly applies to TikTok’s now-viral-again, twee aesthetic. This look combined basic preppy principles (ballets, anyone? Retro-inspired details like cat-eye shades, funky patterns and staples such as Oxford heels and Peter Pan collars are incorporated with hipster-fied...More Please

Here are my thoughts after testing two made-to-order brands.

Fast fashion could take our wallets out of our hands, not our moral consciousness. Clothes were made on an individual basis. The current fashion system is not sustainable. Fashion accounts for 10% of greenhouse gas emissions. This is due to overconsumption, excess inventory burning, and textiles turning mountains into landfills. This can be avoided by reducing consumption, purchasing second-hand,...More Please