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Bridal Beauty Care Tips For Blushing  Brides

Marriages are surely made in heaven. Therefore it is only natural that we all want to look as angelic and heavenly as possible. Preparing for the wedding day is not a cakewalk at all. Almost all brides of toady invest a heavy chunk of their savings on pre wedding beauty treatments which have become a question of social status among all and sundry.

Bridal beauty treatments ensure that you have that enthralling aura and angelic presence to send all the attendees into a trance. For those of you who are lost in the excitement of the impending wedding, some guidance is absolutely necessary. We surely have the right advice put together here for your convenience.

The tips mentioned here are a mixture of the best of home remedies and modern treatment methods. When combined, nothing can beat the results that are all there for everyone to marvel and admire at.

Bridal Beauty Care Tips

Taking Care of Pearly Whites

The fact that none of us have pearly whites per se is reason enough to start with your teeth. Wedding day calls for a lot of smiling and laughing. To brighten up the joyous occasion, your teeth need to be in perfect form and shape. Start brushing your teeth with neem tooth paste, or better still use neem leaves for brushing your teeth. Neem will scrub away all those plaque build up around the inside corners.

One month of neem leaves will leave your teeth perfectly scrubbed. Now head to the dentist for your special dental care appointment. If you can afford a laser whitening session, it is better to leave everything to the dentist. Otherwise, a bleaching session with a dentist’s guidance can be done at home which is easy as well as economical. A home based bleaching session will take two weeks. So make sure that you leave enough gap between your wedding day and bleaching session in order not to rush things.

Bridal Skin Care Tips

Skin is the most important part of a bridal beauty care regime. Skin that is healthy and glowing is a must for a bride who has to look virginal, ethereal and shimmering white! Skin care needs to be started much before in advance in order to avoid tragic situations like breaking into allergic rashes and skin care gone all wrong a couple of days before the wedding.

Bridal And Beauty Care Tips For Blushing Brides

Facial skin treatments for revealing beautiful skin underneath, and removing blemishes and scars can be considered before wedding. Microdermabrasion is a treatment method you can opt for if there is enough time and funding. Make it a point to add natural skin care remedies to your daily beauty regimes.

Natural skin care could be massaging your body and face with a good nourishing oil like olive oil for a few minutes every day and using lemon, honey, oatmeal and a host of other vegetables for reviving your skin to a glorious hue before the wedding.

Using a paste of cucumber, avocado, potato, tomato or lemon would do away with all the pigmentation and dark circle problems and impart fairness to the skin. Facials can be scheduled every month if you have ample time in between your D-day.

Hand, Feet and Nail Care for Brides

Caring for the hand would take up more time when it comes to wedding make up. Hands are exposed for everyone to admire. Of course you cannot forget that it would be the focus of attention while exchanging rings too. If you have flabby arms, this is the time to do some push ups and tone them to perfection. Massage your hands with olive or coconut oil, taking special care to pamper your palms and fingers in the process. Manicures for the nails and palms must be scheduled every month. You can do them at home too if you are well confident.

Soak your fingers and palms every day in a bowl of warm water along with some olive oil or lavender oil. This will leave them soft and smooth for the impending day. You can also use a homemade scrub like oatmeal and sugar scrub or honey and sugar scrub or olive oil and sugar scrub for exfoliation.

 Bridal And Beauty Care Tips For Blushing Brides

Feet care is as important for the bride as hand care. Feet that are dry and with cracked heels and calluses spoil the entire look of the bride. If you thought that feet need no care as you are wearing a gown, think twice. As you climb those heavenly stairs of the cathedral, everyone gets a glimpse of you beautiful feet and footwear. Arrange for pedicures and scrub off those calluses after soaking your feet in milk for half an hour. And don’t ignore waxing your legs if you want to leave that perfect impression on your groom!

Waxing for Would Be Brides

A typical waxing session for a bride can be done 2-3 days before the wedding. It includes waxing the under arm, bikini area, hands, legs, thighs, upper lip, forehead and the back depending on how dense your hair growth is. Threading your eyebrows to a good shape is also important to define your features well. You could think of electrolysis or laser treatments for permanent hair removal if you have too much hair on the body. However, this is time consuming and hence must be scheduled well in advance.

Bridal Hair Care

It is very rarely that a bride gets to leave her hair open in order to show her voluminous, lustrous, silky hair to the world. Hair care is nevertheless very important. Nothing can beat that extra shine whatever hairdo you plan for your wedding. Any trouble with dandruff, lice, fungus infection and dry and frizzy hair must be taken care of before wedding.

You can go for home made remedies for most of these problems. Massage your scalp with coconut oil for at least 15 minutes every day to encourage new hair growth and revive its shine.  Mix egg and olive oil and leave it on for half an hour for extra shine, bounce and conditioning. For dandruff, you can rub lemon peel on your scalp every day and rinse off. Mayonnaise or Vaseline can be used for removing head lice, if you have any. A henna treatment too is not a bad idea if you have rough and dry hair.

Wedding is a once in a lifetime affair. Make it special by looking, feeling and glowing in beauty!

Daniel S. Williams

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