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Beauty Tips For Girls On The Go

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling to your destination for a wedding or honeymoon, or simply to enjoy a relaxing vacation, it is no secret that travel can affect your beauty routine. Your skin and hair can be left to their own devices due to dry airplane cabins, sunburnt days, jet lag exhaustion, and long days in hot sunlight.

While it’s difficult to maintain your normal beauty routine while traveling, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer through bad skin and hair throughout your vacation. You should make changes and only bring the essentials to look and feel great while on vacation.

Our handy list of beauty tips for girls on-the-go will make packing for your next vacation a breeze.

Dry shampoo is your friend

A hair stylist will tell anyone that shampooing your hair daily is unhealthy. For that shiny shine you desire, let your hair’s natural oils do their work. While you’re giving your hair a break from washing, you can still get those beach waves (even if it isn’t at the beach). Jen Reviews shares her top tips How To Curl Your Hair. Dry shampoo is your best friend if you are worried about glossy hair looking oily. Dry shampoo can be purchased in aerosol cans. However, we prefer the loose powder version to avoid any problems with TSA. Lush’s solid shampoo bar is another option if you can’t stop washing your hair every single day. You don’t have to worry about liquids, which means you won’t be asked to give your favorite products away at the airport.

Get the products that you cannot live without once you reach your destination

This tip will not only save space but also prevent potential spills from occurring with any liquid products you add to your bag. It is not something anyone wants to do when they arrive at their destination to find that your suitcase has become a disaster. Most countries you visit will have the essentials–toothpaste, toothbrush, face wash, body wash, lotion, etc. It’s not easy to part with these essentials, but they are temporary. When you walk out of the airport with your lighter, spill-free bags, you’ll be glad that you did.

Get organized using ziplocks

“Courtnie! What do ziplock bags have to with my beauty regimen?” You ask. These handy little items can be used for so many purposes, let me tell you. Ziplocks are a better alternative to expensive bags and luggage cubes. You can find them in many sizes and they work as well as other options, but at a fraction of their cost. Ziplock bags are a great way of organizing everything.

Hydration plays a key role

It is important to stay hydrated if you are taking a long-haul flight. The recycled air in the plane at such high altitudes is much dryer. Make sure to bring some moisturizer and a sheet mask in a small tube for travel. Also, make sure to bring your own water bottle with you on every trip. You’ll be able fill it at the airport prior to your flight. It is recommended that you consume 8 ounces of water per hour while you are flying. The tiny cup of water you get on the plane is not enough!

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