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Beauty Tips For Eyes And Lips

The demand of beautiful people will never come down. Let it be the cosmetic industry, glamour industry or simply marketing world; beauties rock and without them, there is no selling and purchasing!!! The market runs on beauties and if you are ugly looking, you stand nowhere but in junkyard! But then, not all the people are blessed with beauty; some of them need to achieve and others need to purchase! Whatever the case is, beauty is must and if you are not among those gifted beautiful people, you must seek the beauty tips that make you attractive and among those all wonderful and cute people!

The beauty generally means the beauty of the face. This is because when you look at any person, face comes first and rest later. However, for women, legs and arms do play significant role. Waxing them and applying moisturizer are enough to take care of them since they are not exposed to the environment as the face is. During chilled season or extreme sunny day, they are to be covered with cotton clothes and in this way, they are saved. Proper washing with natural body-wash or the soap that contains natural herbs such as Neem or turmeric is great to take care of them.

Here are few of the effective beauty tips –

General tips:


Mix 6 tsp of petroleum jelly with 2 tsp of glycerin and same of lemon juice. Mix them well and apply this natural moisturizing lotion onto the face at least two times in a week if you have dry and flaky facial skin. This can also be applied onto the arms and legs

If your face suffers from sunburn, peel and grate cucumbers. Squeeze their juice into the bowl and then add ½ tsp of glycerin and same quantity of rose water. Apply this onto affected areas and leave it for some time. It soothes the skin and gives glorious look.

If you suffer from cracked heels, melt the paraffin wax and then mix it with some mustard oil. One should then apply onto the affected area, leaving it overnight. Practice this for about fortnight and see the results, the heels will become smooth. Another remedy for the same includes massaging the foot with coconut oil and keeping the foot in warm water for some time. Rinse the water off the feet and apply a combination of hibiscus flowers (10), Henna (one handful) and juice of ½ lemon; when it becomes dry, wash it off.

Massage the whole body with a mixture of coconut oil and any of your favorite essential oil such as lavender or rosemary. This soothes the nerve endings and gives radiant look.


Many of people have rough palms. For this, one should use a mixture of glycerin and lemon juice in equal proportion and apply it for about one month. The palms become smooth. In case you have scars on your hands and feet. Simply rub them with lemon peel for about a month; the scars disappear.


One should dip wads of cotton in blend of cucumber and potato juice (preferably chilled). Keep this onto the eyelids for about half an hour and then gently rinse them off. Apply a little baby oil and you notice the results after one month. To get healthy and long eyelashes, one should apply a thin coat of castor oil all the nights with gentle care. It will strengthen the eye lashes and will cool the eyes.

Massaging a few drops of coconut oil around the eyes is proven homemade remedy to avoid and cure dark circles that are there due to any reason including stress. If there is puffiness around your eyes that makes you older than what exactly your age is, grate a potato; tie in a cotton-cloth and put the cloth onto the eyes for about 20 minutes. This is good natural anti-inflammatory agent and absorbs extra fluid.


Another good beauty tip for eyes is to mix tomato juice and lemon juice in equal quantity and applying around the eyes. After ½ hour, rinse it off with cold and hot water alternatively since it soothes the skin and redefines the corners of the eyes.One can go for a paste made up of sandalwood and nutmeg. Apply this medicated paste around the eyes before hitting the sack and rinse it off in next morning.


One of the most popular beauty tips is to crush a cucumber and extract the juice. Adding a little rosewater, applying around the eyes and washing after 30 minutes is all time remedy for tired eyes. Simply putting cotton wool swabs immersed in cold milk onto closed eyes works wonderfully to remove dark circles under the eyes.



One can mix one tbsp of cranberry sauce juice along with two tbsp of Vaseline for a delightful homemade lip balm. This not only prevents lip from cracking but also adds natural pinkish color. Simply applying the juice of lemon skin avoids black color of lips and makes them natural pinkish. One can also massage the lips with coriander leaves juice that makes lips softer and rosy.

Daniel S. Williams

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