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6 One Ingredient Masks For Your Skin & Hair

A sign advertising a church for sale outside a neglected church is unlikely to excite many people. Dean Keyworth and Gavin Hilton saw the church and decided that it was the right project for them. They were searching for a second home close to the coast. The church was located in a peaceful village that is almost as far north as one can travel without crossing into Scotland. Unfortunately, things did not go according to plan. That was fourteen years ago. Dean and Gavin were outbid on their offer and continued to search.

The couple discovered that the church was up for sale and had been very little used in the interim. Dean says, “This time, I wasn’t going let it get by me.” He began to plan and find out what was possible, given that the former church, which was built in 1821, was Grade II listed. It turned out that creativity, flair, and bravado are all necessary ingredients to achieve great things. The dramatic results of Dean’s church renovation make it one the best homes in the world. Anyone who is embarking on major renovations will find inspiration here. The building’s transformation is inspiring and could be used for smaller projects as well, particularly for people looking for ideas for their kitchen before embarking on a major renovation. Dean Kenworth, an interior designer, took over the neglected building. It consisted of a single large room with seven-metre high ceilings and an old bathroom with a tree through it. Dean Keyworth, the founder of Armstrong Keyworth, is the past president of British Institute of Interior Design. He has restored the former church to its original glory with his unique colorful views and quirky talking points.

These are our top picks for this unique conversion. These are some of the most striking design elements.

1. An old choir stall was transformed into a mezzanine cooking area.

Why not have a kitchen in a choir stall? It’s a great idea! Are you looking for innovative kitchen cabinet designs? The 1909 Kitchens created these elegant grey-blue cabinets and Dean added the unique distressed mirror splashback. A breakfast bar with island was added to the scheme. To make the most of the room’s elevated location, a door opens onto a Juliet balcony. This allows for great views and more natural light. Manuel Canovas added a splash of colour to the room with a curtain made from Balangan fabric. Every Friday as we approach the weekend, our subconscious switches on self-care mode. We begin to mentally plan the amazing things that we would like to do over the next two days. This helps us to take a break, reset, and re-energize. Beauty – hair and skin care – is a main way to relax and practice self-love. But, making quick, easy fixes for last-minute emergencies can be a tedious task that you don’t want to do during your days off. Are you still keen to try something new and homemade for your hair and skin? We get it! We are here to help! These simple masks are perfect for weekend beauty routines.


What is the best way to get glowing, smoother skin? Apply mashed ripe papaya to your face. Papain enzymes gently exfoliate skin and make it look brighter. The high levels of vitamin A, C and other nutrients in papain make the fruit a great choice for skin care. They reduce the appearance of pigmentation and encourage new cell growth. Yogurt is a powerhouse of probiotics, lactic acid, and proteins. It can be used to improve both hair and skin health. The cooling effect of chilled yogurt on the skin and scalp is not limited to summer months. It can also be used to resurface the skin and deep clean the scalp. Yogurt can soften hair, reduce frizz and tighten pores to reveal soft skin.


It’s no secret that bananas are a great hair ingredient. It is not wise to ignore the fully ripened bananas in your kitchen. Bananas are rich in potassium and silica, which can strengthen, soften, and thicken hair. Make a banana mask by mash it until there are no lumps. Apply liberally to the entire head.

Colloidal Oatmeal

Oatmeal is unique because it contains both saponins (a cleanser) and oils. It is great for brightening the skin, exfoliating the skin, and removing dead skin. It is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities that improve skin health. Simply pulverise the mixture and then add water to make a paste.


Are you unhappy with your current pore health status? You can turn to tomatoes for antioxidants (especially lycopene) that will repair your skin, stimulate collagen production, and improve glow. Tomato acids (think malic acid), can also tighten pores and minimize them.


Avocados are a true superfood for hair and skin. You’d love to make guacamole from it all but keep some for beauty purposes. Applying ripened avocados to the skin (a rich source for omega 3 and 6-fatty acids) can reduce dryness, combat acne, and stimulate collagen production. This will help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Biotin can make hair softer, smoother, and more resilient by applying the same treatment to the hair.

2. Modern kitchens now have color.

Dean created a palette of caramel, green, and burnt orange that he used throughout the project. It works equally well in both the old and the new parts. If you are looking for ideas for kitchen colors, Dean’s mezzanine is a great example of color blocking. To contrast with the units, the striking tongue and groove paneling was painted in Craig & Rose’s Russet. The Robert Langford chairs at breakfast bar are covered with Scottish leather and Armani casa fabric in green to match the palette. The glass balcony was added onto the mezzanine. However, the couple insisted that the central area would remain unchanged. Dean says, “I hate when beautiful stained-glass windows are cut in half with floors.” The windows were restored to their original glory by an expert.

3. Respect the building’s architecture and origins

Dean maintained the entire height of the central living area to preserve its original features. Marine Au Soleil Couchant, Papiers de Paris is the framed mural.

4. Warmth in an open-plan living room

The property’s central area has been divided into zones, giving each zone its own identity and creating a cozy, intimate feel. If you are looking for living room design ideas, Dean suggests arranging your sofas around a fireplace. Dean sourced the antique cabinets on either side the fireplace from an auction house. The green footstool was bespoke. Both the fireplace and rug were purchased online. It is the ideal choice for an ex-church because of its dark wood and Gothic style fire surround.

5. Do formal dining in style

There’s plenty of space for friends at the small dining table in the mezzanine, but this space is perfect for hosting large groups. When planning a redesign or redesign of your dining room, consider how many people you will be entertaining and how often. The mahogany table can seat 14 people comfortably and was purchased at a bargain price from local auctioneers. The large mural at the back of this space is India Couleur from Ananbo. The orange tone was picked out in the woodwork. They brought some antiques from London with them, but they prefer to mix and match mid-century pieces.

6. Get bedroom basics right

The main bedroom has a calm palette of grays and off whites. This is essential for any bedroom design. Pierre Frey’s Reglisse covers the bed headboard. Justin Van Breda designed the table lamp. A treasured painting of Georgia is displayed in the entrance, as well as modern art made from margarine tubs by Hani Njm. Although it’s now a peaceful space, Dean discovered that his original plans to add a new floor to the master bedroom and spare bedroom on the loft gave nightmares to his builder.

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