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5 Ways To Become A Fashionista

Want people to talk about what you wear and how you look? Want to show everyone that you are a fashionista? Want people to look up to you? Its not just you, every person wants to look stylish and become a fashion icon. To become a trendsetter is not any big deal today.

It’s just that how you carry yourself and your attitude is all that matter. Not yet satisfied with the way you look? Want to find the stylish diva in you? Just follow the latest trends and some steps listed below and you will find yourself as a fashion icon among the crowd.

5 Steps You Need to Follow to be a Fashionista

Update Yourself with the Latest Dressing Style

Go through the famous magazines like vogue, elle which makes you familiar with the fashion sense. Read the articles and look at the pictures. Follow the routine of the celebrities who deal with high fashion and look up ongoing news in the fashion industry. This will help you improve your knowledge about the fashion style in today’s world. It keeps you updated with the latest trends and helps you to do anything with panache.

Have a Hairstyle that Suits You

Ask your hairdresser to give you a trendy look that suits your face or consult some professional hair stylist to give you a new and fashionable hair style according to your face. Don’t just think that hair colour makes one look fashionable and smart, rather sometimes poor colour ruin the greatest cut you get.

How To Be A Fashionista

If you have a friend who looks good with colour in her hair, don’t think to get your hair coloured without consulting a hair stylist as it might not suit you. Make sure you wash your hair alternate days and do your hair before leaving home.

Update Your Wardrobe

Look in your closet, discard stuffs that are outdated and update your wardrobe with the most classic stuffs. Make sure you update your wardrobe every time you think your stuffs are outdated. Buy those stuffs which suits you i.e. looks good on you and not just those which looks good hanging in the boutique. Don’t only buy the stuffs that are “IN” as there are chances for them to get outdated soon. Try and fill your wardrobe with the most classic pieces you look at that never go out of style.

Buy Attractive Accessories that Mix Well with Your Stuffs

Don’t wear too much of accessories i.e. don’t overdo them just looking at models who wear around 20 neck pieces together. It will look too much and overdone. Wear according to your outfit. Try to wear simply 1-2 pieces around your neck and try to style it with your outfit. Make sure you balance your clothing.

Be Confident About What You Wear

It boosts up your determination which is required to become a trendsetter or fashionista. Wear stuffs which you carry well. Just because a friend dislikes your clothing doesn’t mean you start feeling uncomfortable about it. Be confident and you will rock.

Daniel S. Williams

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